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To ease listeners' discovery of poetry podcasting.
To support new and established poetry podcasters.
To provide a public voice of poetry podcasting.
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Press Release: 01-July-2006.

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Bodies At Rest Bodies at Rest is an internet haven where you can find a slice of rest for your mind, body and soul. Hosted by the poetess Celestial Dancer... RSS
chrislorensson's poetry podcast New Poetry from an Underground Perspective. I'm Chris, a poet and designer in Bristol, England. RSS
Classic Poetry Aloud Giving voice to the poetry of the past. These poetry podcasts provide readings of the great poems of the past. A few minutes of the day for quiet and reflection. RSS
Cloudy Day Art Poetry - People - Podcast : The Cloudy Day Art poetry podcast seeks to inspire and be inspired by you the everyday poet. By you the undercover poet... RSS
Dean Parkin's Soundstuff Soundstuff is half-story half-poem half-song - but wait, that's three halves... In a nutshell, these are verbal cartoons with a bit of background music. RSS
Easy French Poetry A French as a second language podcast, using poetry as a topic for discussion using everyday conversational French. RSS
The FrictionFiction Show Art lovers, music lovers, readers, writers, and poets: your guide to what's live in Web 2.0: music, fiction, poetry, and art. RSS
Gypsy Art Show Gypsy Art Show features interviews with singer/songwriters, musicians, poets and artists of many genres as well as samples of their work. RSS
Homegrown Podcast Homegrown is a podcast dedicated to independent music and spoken word material from around the world. We play blues, country, folk, world, electronic... RSS
IndieFeed Performance Poetry The IndieFeed Performance Poetry Channel uncovers the best of today's cutting edge spoken poetry artists, delivering their work via single-serving shows... RSS
Ink, Sweat and Tears Poetry and prose for the digital age. RSS
Ken Munro's Word Warehouse Poetry by Canadian poet Ken Munro. Ken writes free verse poems about various topics including nature, love, politics, technology, travel, the human condition. RSS
KGP Podcast A fast weekly poetry podcast from Robert Bruce at RSS
Little Red's Writing Hood Poetry is a matter of perception. Poetry comes from the heart, soul and poetic way of thinking. Music is a form of poetry, un-surpassed by any other. RSS
Live at the Kasbar the raving poets podcast. RSS
Midnight's Muse Midnight's Poetry Muse. RSS
Mike McGee's Podcast A traveling poet's guide, thoughts and soapbox. Mike McGee brings his front porch to your ears. RSS
Mystic Babylon This is the San Francisco Haight Street poetry podcast, Mystic Babylon, created by John Rhodes. On this podcast we will have all the poets from the open mics... RSS
Outlaw Punk the kick'n podcast featuring americana, CowPunk, and artists. But somewhere in the middle of that is a spoken word track by bands, poets or slammers. RSS
Podcast Ping An experience of podsafe music accentuated by poetry. RSS
PoetCasting The aim of PoetCasting is to work with poets throughout the UK to podcast their work. The project will work with performance poets, published poets, new poets... RSS
The PoetGuru PodCast A light morsel of the poetic in an otherwise gluttonous day. RSS
PSI Podcast Poetry Slam Incorporated's Official Podcast, hosted by Don McIver. RSS
The Scottish Poetry Library Podcast This series of podcasts comprise a seductive selection of interviews, poems, snippets of events and music. Produced by Colin Fraser and introduced by Ryan Van Winkle. RSS
The Slam Idol Podcast The Slam Idol Podcast - the Poetry Slam on your iPod or other MP3 player. Produced in London, this indie podcast features poetry from around the World... RSS
Sundown Lounge Sundown Lounge is a laid back (and often explicit) weekly podzine of music, spoken word, progressive politics, weird science, and vignettes from the west... RSS
Throw it thru your speakers Canadian spoken word poetry, interviews and collaborations with local poets, musicians and artists, spontaneous freestyles and Throw Radio's monthly poetry slam in Montreal. RSS
UKpoetrypodcast A regular poetry Podcast, including episodes of my performance, competitions, interviews with fellow poets, and a look behind the scenes at open mic nights. RSS
The Underground Podcast An Independent Podcast of today's Poetry, Music, and Prose; written and performed by James Stewart with special guest performances. RSS
The Write Stuff podcast The Write Stuff - Your source for relaxation, recharging, and inspiration. Poetry, Video, Podsafe Music, and Writing. There is a little something for everyone. RSS
Affiliate Members:
4 Luv of Poetry 4 Luv of Poetry has served as a hub for directing poets, writers and fans of both written and spoken word to venues around the world since 2000. A resource for networking...
Cheshire County Council Cheshire County Council are currently hosting mp3s of poems by Jo Bell, the 2007 Cheshire Poet Laureate, read by Jo herself. A new mp3 every month.
druidpaddy The White House Poetry Revival in Limerick City, Ireland has hosted a poetry reading every Wednesday night for nearly three years. Microphone On...
The Everyday Muse Follow the ongoing experiment as one author confronts his muse, writing one poem a day for a full year. Each week, we will present the resulting poetry...
The Podcast My own little brain dump, poetry corner, coffee shop, soap box, and boom box. Listen to original poetry and essays, podsafe music, interviews, and rants...
HagBayon A Bicol-based literary podcast.
The PodPoet Gateway to the Hellicane, Smartypants and PodPoet podcasts.
Rhyme or Reason Rhyme Or Reason Is A Monthly, every 2nd and 3rd Thursday, Online Poetry Show Hosted By the poet PoeTic SunShyne.
VI Radio Streaming Radio from Vocalized Ink, including original content and many APP podcasts.