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Poetry Podcast Banner Exchange

The Poetry Podcast Banner Exchange programme will randomly choose a 120x240 pixel banner image from our own little group of web-sites, and display it on your web-page. The image is a clickable link to the relevant web-site. Below the image is a very discreet banner to provide a link to this page. An example is shown to the right of this text.

To join the Poetry Podcast Banner Exchange programme, insert the code below into your site, then send an mail to mail at poetrypodcasting dot org to tell us where your 120x240 pixel image is located.

<script language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript"

Alternatively, if your website does not support javascript, try inserting this animated gif image, and link back to this page, for example using the code below.

<a href=""
title="Poetry Podcast Banner Exchange"><img vspace='0' hspace='0'
border='0' src=""></a>

Sites are added to the group at the discretion of the existing members.

Current members:

Lapsed members: